About our family…

About our family…

We are Bible believing born again Christians.

 We have been blessed with four biological children and six adopted children.

 In 2005, on a missions trip to Russia, a 12 year old boy ran up to me (Mark) at an orphanage and stole my heart. That night I called Margaret and told her that I found our son. She started making phone calls and a year later he was part of our family.

 This started a chain reaction and within a few years we adopted two brother, Camren and Colby, from Foster Care. Then a few more years later, Adam, Amber and Madison (another sibling group) joined our family and brought us to our current family of 10 children.

 It’s like we were always a family and we couldn’t imagine it any other way. God has blessed us with wonderful children.

 The kids help out with the business is different ways. They wrap soap, take inventory, price the product, clean up, merchandise and help at local craft shows and the farmer’s market.  


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